Three new EPs from AND

AND (Anouck Genthon, violin, Ed Williams, guitar) is pleased to announce the release of three new EPs taken from various performances. The first we’re releasing, AND in Leipzig & Kopenhagen, features recordings of our 2016 tour and also has Ed playing harpsichord.

A note from Ed:

These tracks are taken from two performances back in 2016. Both are extra special.

Straight after the tour I took the plane to the UK for my father’s funeral. As a Baroque music scholar, his influence on me was huge, and I went on to explore the themes of grief and musical philosophy with a podcast called ECHO CHAMBER and a sound installation, ECHO ORGAN, a year later. So in both of these recordings, I’m at the very beginning of the grieving process whose relevance to music I was only just starting to perceive.

KOPENHAGEN was the last concert in the tour, and not only did I have the funeral in my mind but Koncertkirken’s Bjorn proposed that I try the venue’s harpsichord. As a trained harpsichordist, I couldn’t resist. We’re very proud to have performed in this pairing, usually reserved for Baroque performances and here played, as always with AND, in purely improvised instant composition.

Although for LEIPZIG we used the usual instrumentation of electric guitar and violin, it was also a very strongly emotionally charged concert as I’d spent the afternoon in the Tomaskirche, the church where J S Bach had been cantor and where my dad had played many times. Thinking of this person I’d just lost, I cried just about all the tears in my body as I watched the flame of the prayer candle extinguish.

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