more news 2019

An update on some of the exciting things happening soon or that have just happened:

  1. Super nice concert with Ben Grossman and Vincent Roussel at the Grotte de l’Hermite in the nature outside Marseilles (see photos below). I also took Ben aside to dig into his musical background and talk about Stravinsky, a discussion which will become a new Echo Chamber episode in the coming months.
  2. A couple days ago the Bears were back this time with double bassist Nghia Duong in our first Heard Of Bears invite… concert since summer. Thanks Nghia!
  3. UPCOMING RELEASE NO.1 Coming very very soon will be the final concert version of Echo Organ, electroacoustic piece featuring as part of my sound installation of the same name, and which has enjoyed broadcasts this year as part of Radiophrenia and Festival Futura. This is a highly personal project which I am extremely proud of, and have chosen to release it myself for free download for anyone interested.
  4. UPCOMING RELEASE NO.2 my first proper solo album is yet to be released on Creative Sources Recordings. Its release will coincide with my performance for Clara de Asis’ Ernestine concert series on October 21st.

In the meantime, some photos from our Concert à la grotte de l’Hermite with Ben Grossman and Vincent Roussel !


news 2019

upcoming concerts and releases… . . . .  .  .  .  .  .   .   .   .   .    .

exciting things happening beginning with a secret concert in a secret cave with Ben Grossman (TBA), and ending for now towards the end of October with a solo release concert at the Ernestine concert series as I release my first solo album, out on the Creative Sources label.

More soon.

en commençant par un concert secret dans une grotte secrète, plus d’infos à venir,
et en terminant avec une performance solo pour les Ernestine series vers fin octobre, qui sera également soirée de sortie de mon premier album solo, ooh j’ai hâte moi aussi !

Plus de nouvelles bientôt.