ECHO CHAMBER #23 – Art in life? with Justin Evans, part 2


A little over a year ago I visited Justin Evans in Charlotte, North Carolina, for his residency showcase at Goodyear Arts. I originally got in touch with Justin after coming across his indescribable experimental podcast project Mystery Meat. We met at the Goodyear Arts building and recorded a little echo chamber.

I’m overjoyed listening back to our conversation over a year later. In part 2, we talk about, amongst other things, art & ritual as psychological tools to alleviate guilt, enrich life & bind an audience closer to be more of a community, often employing the purifying effects of noise.

But who is Justin Evans? He is a poet and electrician from Marietta, GA. He’s pursuing an MFA from Queens University and is the co-author of many local plays in his current home, Charlotte, NC and in his last home, Asheville, NC. He’s the former co-editor of the local lit mag Vanilla Sex, and current poetry editor of the Queens lit mag QU.

Music/Audio featured in this two-part edition come exclusively from various Mystery Meat episodes.

Thanks so much again, Justin.

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