ECHO CHAMBER Episode 10 – Derek Piotr


Back in November 2018 in New York I had the chance to spend some time with Poland-born producer and composer Derek Piotr, now based in New England. We managed to get in an hour talking about his various and wide-ranging achievements as well as share each other’s thoughts on shared eclectic music tastes and what the hell “experimental” might really mean.

Derek Piotr’s work focuses primarily on the voice. His work covers genres as diverse as glitch, leftfield pop, chamber, dance, and drone; and he has collaborated with artists including Richard Chartier, Don’t DJ, and Thomas Brinkmann across various disciplines. He has been intern to Meredith Monk, had his work nominated by the jury for Prix Ars Electronica (2012), and featured on Resonance FM and BBC.

Music featured in this episode comes from some of Derek’s latest releases:

  1. Callsource (from Grunt, 2018)
  2. Shallows (from Drono, 2016)
  3. The Storm (TBA)

Check it out and buy it all from his website:

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